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Back in My attic...


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Since we couldn't go anywhere after Harvey, I climbed back into the attic and opened another plastic container.

It was full of 810 and 1050 parts, and the housing for my Percom drive (less the controller broad which I found in another container

earlier and no transformer) and the case and MB for my RANA drive (less the transport mechanism) . Any one know

if the 1000 was a double or single sided drive and what density? For some reason I seem to recall double sided single

density, or maybe visa versa?



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Thank you CharlieChaplin. That's about what I expect from my memory these days. Would you know if a

transport mechanism from a 1050 would work in the RANA?



I don't know if they are compatible but the schematics in the following thread show separate connectors for R/W head, stepper motor, spindle motor, and write protect sensor, which makes the mechanism similar to the 1050. I didn't see any connection for the track0 sensor and I don't believe the pinouts of the other connectors are necessarily the same, but I believe it should be possible to adapt a 1050 mechanism wiring to connect to the RANA 1000 PCB.



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