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Single Player vs Multiplayer (using both controllers)


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There aren't many multiplayer games. Switching turns but no simultanously.


My war game is though. So maybe %5 of the time because I always make inlaws play some of my games too if I bring it over to a family get together.


I'd love to see something like 2 player simultaneously like frenzy.


Zombie near is 2 player at the same time


Artillary duel

burn rubber

maybe mario bros


must be some others

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i did the Way of Exploding Foot which can be played in VS Mode.


I think there is also Burn rubber where you can play with 2 Driving Controllers!


And also Robee Blaster , which is a kind of Bomber Man.


I would say i play 10% of my time in 2 players mode. Each time there is somebody who want play with me! :)

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