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Atari 2600 model CX-2600 - Video output?


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Hi guys,


I picked up today an Atari 2600 model CX-2600. I had this for few bucks without any guarantee it is working. Hi hooked it up to a standard CRT TV with the RF antenna input at the back but I do not know how to tune the TV. The console does not have a power up light so I cannot be sure that power is applied when turning on the power switch.

What should I check first to ensure that the board is correctly powered? I was maybe thinking to go for the composite mod before and check if there is an output on the TV through the video composite inputs.

There is also a Channel Select switch at the back for A or B channel selection. What does this mean?


Any suggestions?




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So I managed to tune the TV to the have a display.


Poblem :


-image is in black and white even with the switch TV TYPE set to color (the TV is a color one of course). All other functions seem to work and joysticks will work.

I did select a manual + a fine tuning and I did get colors but the problem is that it will return to B&W when turning off the Atari and switching it back on.

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