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VBXE 2.0 Install 65XE Pal


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Hi, i want to install my old purchased sloopy vbxe, in my 65 XE. But i see is a bit diferrent of the ones i see in installation instruction.

Apprenly is 1 bit version, but dont see the Q4 for remove, i know i have to install the crystal in the vbxe. Any can guide me please?








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To install this model in your XE, you´ve to remove the crystal (Y1) from your XE mainboard and put it on the VBXE PCB (X1).


Then go ahead with the installation of IRQ, CAS_INH and EXTSEL at J3 (VBXE) to the points on your XE described in the manual (see attachment)


The 14 MHz output must connected to Freddy pin 2 coming from pin 3 / J6 (VBXE).


Finally remove these both parts (it´s enough to bend up one side of each part):




Important: If your 65XE model hasn´t an ECI port, then EXTSEL might be connected directly to +5V - this can kill the FPGA on VBXE - see attached manual, installation XEGS. There´s explained what to do.




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The left red circle I marked is L34, this is an inductor (black). The right red marked circle is a resistor with the value of 240 ohms (color rings red-yellow-brown and gold). You can click on the image to enlarge it, I didn´t resize it - to see better what I mean.


Your 65 XE model isn´t equal to the ones in the explanation / manual! This 65 XE mainboard you have was a precessor of the well-known XE mainboards. If you take a look at the bottom side (solder side), you will find the marking "900 XL" on it. And the arrangement of chips are more compatible with a 800 XL mainboard than the standard 800/130 XE mainboards.

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