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Atari Assembler Editor Cartridge - Revision A & B, maybe C?


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Hi together,


Thanks to Farb, who remind me, that we have 2 different versions of the Atari Assembler Editor Cartridge:




I would like to ask the community 3 questions:


a) does someone has the source code of the Atari Assembler Editor Cartridge?


b) how many bugs do exist? One is in the site above mentioned.


c) what exactly are the differences between the 2 carts? It is not just the amount of errors at the end of assembling, the differences are huge, if compared binary.


Cool would be the source code interbreeded with the source code of TURBO-BASIC XL:




which can be similar done as with the Atari Basic cartridge. This may result in a 'Atari Turbo Assembler Editor'...


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I get the feeling we've had a thread before discussing bugs. I have no idea though of versions or differences. Fairly sure though that there are carts around that are "Editor Assembler" but whether the Rom contents are different... ?


A few bugs that come to mind:


. some error situations in Debug will send you back to Edit mode without your requesting it.

. commands in Debug which also match a 6502 mnemonic won't work, you need to put a space in between command and parameter.

e.g. LDA10 or DEC won't work but L DA10 and D EC will.

. extremely annoyingly, you must use BRK to return to the debugger. A program using RTS will usually hang or crash.

. If your program disables stage 2 Vblank the Break key won't work. Probably because the Rev A OS didn't have a Break key vector, it was added later. So the AsmEd cartridge had to use a workaround which has deficiencies.

. zero page labels will generate a 2-byte address when used with instructions that also have absolute mode, e.g. LDA RTCLOCK+2 where RTCLOCK = $12

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