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Who makes homebrew carts?


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If this is the wrong place please remove.

So here is my story. I was on this site years ago (4 or 5 to be exact) and i was working on a 2600 homebrew Project Z. And one of the last vesions is still on these forums aswell as a boss fight that was never added. Anyway I lost my computer and code files in a fire. And never really came back ive been working alot, trying to supply for my family. Well i was recently hurt and im off work for awhile and i've gotten back into gaming, and the likes of. I've also started relearning the basics of basic, lol. Anyway long story short. Can anyone put the last version of project z on a cart for me? Id be willing to pay whatever is reasonable, i just feel like i was going to do it back then and never got the chance. The only thing thats available is the bin file and its located here atariage.com/forums/topic/216647-project-z-release Any insight to who i should talk to or if i would have to have the code to do so also i wouldnt even know if it would work on an actual cart.
Thanks a bunch. Let me know.

Ps ive been working on a new title the last few days so you'll be seeing alot more of me now

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Yes, the bin file is the one you need. I suggest testing it first at least via Stella to make sure that it's in the state that you want. Testing on real hardware would be a good idea, too, just in case it behaves differently.


If you are going to be around for a while and get back to coding, why not wait a bit to put it on a cart? You may find that there are some tweaks you want to make before you do that.

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I agree that there will be some things i wish to change, i can name many right now. And thats the point. Its been so long that i would want to change so much. So i figured ill leave it alone and start on a new project with fresh ideas.

There were a lot of others interested in wanting to buy this title on a cart over at this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216300-project-z-coming-friday-13th/


You might want to finish the changes in the game and get with Albert to release it in the AA store.

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