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Trooper Galactus

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Has anybody produced boxes and manuals for the beta games like Barkley Shut Up and Jam or Arena Football '95? The only one I've really seen is the Brett Hull Hockey set, and I only got that as a bonus with the big set of boxes and manuals for the ST carts. Tried doing a search and didn't see anything helpful, but never know if there might be something I missed.

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I have had no luck finding anyone who can make cardboard boxes. But on ebay just about any seller can make those clear plastic cases with the paper inserts. I have been able to get a bunch and some custom made ones too for games that I don't think ever actually came with a box (Gem Race, Tube SE, Fallen Angels) and even a 8-in-1 custom case made too. I can give you the link for the guy if needed, he has been able to do great work for me on Jaguar cases and Saturn cases. But if you are looking for an actual cardboard box that would be different

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