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How did you celebrate the 40th birthday of the Atari 2600?


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Besides playing games, which is nothing unusual, I also wrote a song to honor Atari's 40th birthday. Here it goes:


I'm a blaster
Solaris, a distant star
Space master
Revenge seeking Yar
Invaders strike
I shall not recoil
Missile command
Protect the city soil
Defender, whizz through the Stargate
Save the astronauts from ghastly fate
Landers descend, helpless humans scream
Fearless pilot, ignite your laser beam
Intruder alert
I guess I better run
Evil Otto's smile
Hurry up or you die
Avoid the hungry shark
Ride the Cosmic ark
Kaboom, Frogs and flies
Demons invade the skies
Epileptic colors blaze
Explosions blow me away
Ear-raping blasting sound
The whole room's spinning around
I don't want Sega, I don't want NES
What I want you can guess
2600 is my game
All the others are just lame
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I swapped the old red LED in my 7800 to a nice new RGB (color changing) LED. :P I organized all my 2600 carts and put them on my display shelf in the living room, so everyone can see them!

Last, but not least, I painted the ugly red and yellow buttons on my Flashback 3. Now they are gloss black and it looks SOOOO much better. It looks so good I'm thinking about doing it to my Flashback 4. :-D

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