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Video capture device and the Jag


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It's an EasyCAP I can see the lag in JagDoom being over exaggerated @ 30fps. I'll check out AmaRec TV's software. Thanks!

No problem! There's a pretty good guide on setting it up at this page: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/Amarectv_configuration

The only thing I disagree with on that page is using the Lagarith codec/video compressor. I would suggest downloading x264vfw and using that instead unless you HAVE to have lossless video. x264 looks nice and has a small file size; you can see it and AmaRec in action in this review I made here:



I used a Dazzle as my capture device in that video but it doesn't really matter. Basically any capture device that doesn't support HDMI or Component will work with AmaRec since all AmaRec does is restore the footage back to its native 240p at 60FPS, instead of the ugly 480i at 30FPS that capture cards normally spit out.

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