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Beware of this Eli's Ladder on Ebay


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So is the one from that craigslist real? I'm not expert on Eli's Ladder.

I don't know, myself, either. A bit weird to sell it in a local market, but maybe hoping for cash payment. The lack of end label picture seemed fishy, but craigslist ad pics tend to be crappier than ebay pics on the whole. From comparing the others, it look like the one with the torn label has a rounder G than the others, but that could just be perspective. Finally, label looks laser-printed, so I side with fake. Mostly posted it to compare to the others, since most of the planet outside the Twin Cities would never see it. Charging enough for it to be real.

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Man why is it I miss all the fun. I was going to totally buy this cause of this picture.


No scammer ever logs onto a dying phone powered by Sprint at 1:24 AM from atarihomebrew.com.





This is actually the picture the seller posted of what a reproduction looks like. His is real because it doesn't have the face.

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