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Outlaw Hill - Vectrex Home Brew


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Hi, just wanted to start a thread here for my next Vectrex game (my first was Big Blue).


I have done no programming since the end of May but will pick things up again now summer is over.


This was the last video I recorded:



I added a vulture that dropped power ups since that video.


Originally the next game was going to be Frontier which will be a wild west adventure game... but I think I will now release this as Outlaw Hill (guess the games it's inspired by ;)


Currently it's 2 player Vs only but I will try to add an AI opponent... if that doesn't work out I will add a separate 1 player game as I know 2 player only games aren't always popular.


Doubt this will be out until 2018 but I'll keep the updates coming.



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Cheers guys, I've set myself a deadline of May to have physical copies of the new game ready :)


Also plan to have a bunch of US/GCE style boxes made up for big Blue as I've been asked by so many collector in America and Canada if I would ever do them.


Whilst I liked the foam inserts in Big Blue, and would use them again, I have ordered a large number of the new repro cart trays for the next game too... one step closer to being as close to original as possible!

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Wow, can't believe I didn't update this since the 2 player Vs was relegated to a secondary part of the release and a fully fledged 1 player game was realised! Near;ly ready to release full boxed game with overlay etc. like Big Blue was.






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In case the box layout is not at printing yet:


There's tiny little typo in the german description. It has to be

'mit zusätzlichem Controller', not 'mitzusätzlichem Keyboard'


Hi Elwee, thanks for that... I have put a space in between mit and zusätzlichem.... I went with keyboard as, strangely, that is what it says on the original boxes!


Hopefully getting the boxes printed next week; should have final physical product by the end of May :)

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How do we pre-order (or did I miss it?)? Excited for this game!




I've quietly begun pre-orders to help pay some of the up front printing costs... if you use the Big Blue link to buy the game for your location (UK/EU/Rest of the World) and put a message in the PayPal payment to say it's a pre order for Frontier, along with your address, then I'll add you to the list:




Most of the individual items are ordered now so still on track to ship by the end of May.

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