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make install error, atari800 3.1 on Fedora 26 x64


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Sorry in advanced; I'm really-really new to gcc and c in general (a complete moron).


SO I couldn't find atari800 rpm for Fedora 2x (at least not a 3.x version). atari800 3.x has some features not found in 2.x.


I tried using alien to convert .deb's but no luck (never had much luck with alien), and even tried non-fedora RPMs. No luck there either (of course).


Downloaded the tar.gz source atari800-3.1.0 - ./configure went ok, but when doing make install:

xep80.o: In function `XEP80_Initialise':
xep80.c:(.text+0x1479): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos'
xep80.c:(.text+0x148d): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
xep80.o: In function `XEP80_GetBit':
xep80.c:(.text+0x15a2): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos'
xep80.c:(.text+0x15b6): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
xep80.o: In function `XEP80_PutBit':
xep80.c:(.text+0x1673): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos'
xep80.c:(.text+0x168c): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
xep80.c:(.text+0x1715): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
xep80.o: In function `XEP80_StateSave':
xep80.c:(.text+0x2515): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos'
xep80.c:(.text+0x2529): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
xep80.o: In function `XEP80_StateRead':
xep80.c:(.text+0x2817): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos'
xep80.c:(.text+0x282b): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [Makefile:119: atari800] Error 1

I'm guessing that's makefile line 119? which is

   $(CC) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

    @if ! makedepend -Y $(DEFS) -I. ${OBJS:.o=.c} 2>/dev/null; \
    then echo warning: makedepend failed; fi

please take it easy on me :-( appreciate any input

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