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  • additional optimizations by cd-w, saved 600 bytes
  • Revised P and I type usage:
    Kids = max 1 P-Type at a time, zero I-type
    Easy = max 1 of each at a time
    Normal = max 2 of each at a time
    Hard = max 3 of each at a time
  • Reduced max sprites from 171 to 159, should speed up a number of routines & help reduce the chance of jitter
  • Revised spy ship routines
  • play tune & flash high score in menu if you made the high score
  • Implemented Sample Priority - need to always hear Spy Ship Sighted
  • Alert! Alert! now triggered by Station appearing onscreen, not by I or P-Type Missiles
  • Condition colors
    Green = normal
    Yellow = I, P, E-Type, or Spyship threat onscreen (but not station or station shots)
    Red = Condition Red active
  • game over message


Currently at 1,211 bytes free in the ROM.

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


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