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Today I got a fat box of crap from mouser, 512k Sram, stuff for SIO2SD and connectors wooter

I still haven't laid out PCB's yet cause I had to make some last min alterations to what packages of components I got, and I wanted to lay hands on them before committing (that and being a combination of stupid busy and lazy) I did get a handful of connectors

one was to make up the custom av cable, the core of which is some fat honkin off brand monster like stuff for component video, each video signal wire in this thing is like triple shielded and the audio connections are double shielded. I bought it years ago at a thrift store and have been chopping it up for various things since then, what was left was a ~4 foot section in which I made my custom cable from.

It plugs into the Atari DIN 5 for composite and S-video connections but also branches out to the stereo connections I made on the back of the machine, the TV side connects to a standard 4 pin S-video port, composite video port, and L&R analog stereo connection ... for a chunk of scrap wire, a liberal use of odd cuts of heat shrink / loom, and a couple bucks of connectors, I think it turned out quite well.

Next is the power connector, which I did not finish today, but want to mention. The power supply for this machine, since I did not get one with it, is a 5 volt 2.5 amp wall adapter, which is much much much smaller and better regulated than the original stock supply. I do have to change out the connector which is no big deal, and one could use a 5 pin DIN, just like the video connector.

Problem with using a 5 pin DIN like the video connector is you could plug the power into the video output, and potentially smoke some stuff. Ok fine looking on mouser for a 7 pin din, in stock, turned up a few choices, one of the cheapest being 11 freaking dollars!!!! OK I understand din plugs in 2017 not used hardly at all and 7 is a odd beast, but FK a bunch of that!

So I bought a 8 pin din for 80 cents and heated up the center pin with my soldering iron until it came wiggly and yanked that joker out, saving 10 bucks, and you cant plug the power into the AV jack by accident.

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