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Question on Activision games in latest Flashback

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I'm assuming I know the answer to this, but just want to be sure. I saw that the Flashback 8 is out (thought it was coming out later, but I guess that is for the other versions) and that the version on shelves now has some of the Activision games. Believe it or not, for a long time now I have accessed Activision games via my Game Boy Advance anthology (played on the Gamecube through Game Boy Player). I recently compared that to my PS2 anthology and noticed the games played much smoother/faster.


I assume I am correct that the Flashback 8 Activision games will play like the PS2 (and like actual Atari carts)? As far as I can tell, all the regular Atari games on the Flashbacks are fine, but in most cases I can't compare with original carts.

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Thanks for the replies, that's good to hear (I'll never forget when I first noticed that something was off with the Game Boy cartridge; took a while to see it, but when I did, I made the comparison, first via YouTube videos, then via the PS2).


I too love the music from the 1980s. Brings back a lot of nostalgia...

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