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FS - CoCO 3 Multi-Pak interface - $160


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Ok, so what I have decided I am going to do first is to attempt to sell the carts and Multipak interface first in hopes that it generates the money I need and I don't have to get rid of my CoCo3 and CoCoSDC...because I kind of really like them ;) Here are pics of the cart collection and multipak interface. As much as I hate not pricing things, CoCo carts are hard because the prices are all over the map on ebay and other places I have checked. If you see some stuff you like and want to make an offer feel free. I am pretty easy going.


I think I paid the most for Thexder (like $40 I think) as it was complete and in exc condition, Demon Attack ran me like $25, the other boxed titles were $20 each, and there were some other loose games in there that are a bit rare. I will devise a price list if need be, but don;t be afraid to shoot some offers for some or all.


The MultiPak ran me $160. It is modified to work in CoCo3 models. It also works with the CoCoSDC. Looking to get close to what I paid but I'll be willing to take a slight loss....just very slight ;)













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I listed this as a large lot on ebay for $299 shipped, but will sell it all to any USA AA member for $275 shipped for everything you see in the pictures. If you are in Canada and want this I may have to charge for some of the shipping as it is getting steep to ship to you guys unfortunately :( PM If interested!

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One more bump. Unfortunately I am pretty strapped for cash at the moment until next payday (I hate bi-weekly paychecks!) so I am lowering this set once again...now to $230 shipped. I am really taking a loss here I know, but what am I going to do. If someone wants it PM me. Also, I am willing to break things up and sell individual pieces if anyone is interested in that.

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