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New Ciderpress version is out.


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It's a cornerstone of a more-than-comprehensive file management and curation toolkit that consists of:


Ciderpress / MDC



Copy II+ 5.5 + 8.4 + 9.1

ADTPro 2.02

ProTerm 2.2 + 3.1

Dos 3.3 Basics (boot 13sector disks)

ProDOS 1.1.1

ProDOS 8 v2.0.3 System Disk 4

ProDOS 8 v2.0.3 Basic v1.5 Disk

ProDOS 8 v2.4.1

David-Dos II

Diversi-Dos v4.1c


Apple DOS 3.2 + 3.2.1 + 3.3

Prosel Utilities and Prosel 8 v4

Universal File Conversion 1.3

ProDisk Arranger 1.5

Disk Arranger 2.0

Disk Organizer 2.6

Locksmith Fast Copy

DiskEdit (type-in from Hardcore Computing magazine)

Clear (my own proggie for zeroing out disks)

Dalton Disk Disintegrator v2.7 (other versions optional)

Collection #1 of BASIC menu screens/selectors

Apple Computer System Master disks for II+ and //e, dated Aug-80 and Jan-83

A set of disks in various formats such as .NIB, .DSK, .2MG, .PO, and .HDV..

Each of the above formatted as blank, and with standard Apple Issue DOS versions.

CFFA 3000 utilities

NotePad, WordPad, Excel, WinRAR, WinMerge, CloneSpy, D-FileMU, SetFileDate, EasyDuplicateFinder, HashTag, HxD, Windows File Explorer (or your favorite file manager) for various miscellaneous file operations and record keeping on the PC.




Handling protected disks requires yet additional tools and a more in-depth knowledge base. And it's a topic beyond the scope of this thread.

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