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The UAV Blog - Install - UAV & AC in the 6-Switch 2600


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Recommended board: Plug-In

The 6-switch 2600 usually has socketed chips, but a soldered in 4050. This isn't a problem though because there's enough room in the shield for a top-mounted socket, and the 4050 is also used to buffer the joystick triggers for some reason (later 2600 revisions don't do this).

Position the main PCB with the cartridge slot toward the back.

1. Connect a wire to the left side of R231. This will be power to the UAV. The 4050's power pin is connected to an inline resistor and won't properly power the UAV.
2. Connect a wire to the right side of R212. This is Color-In.
3. Cut pin 1 off the socket. The will break the power connection. If this pin is not removed, it will be necessary to cut the 5V pad on the UAV.
4. Solder the socket onto the 4050. It'll be tight working around the other components, but it's only necessary to solder the pins used by the UAV (3, 5, 8, 11 and 14).
5. Make sure the UAV jumpers are set for the 2600 and install it in the socket. The green terminal should be facing you.
6. Solder the power wire to the 5V pad (left side of the pad if the pad is cut - this is the side next to the UAV logo).
7. Put the Color-In wire in the leftmost terminal.
8. Pull out the TIA (C010444) and bend pin 6 out of the socket. If the TIA is soldered in, then lift one end of R213 out of the board.
9. Attach your video cables to the UAV. The remaining terminals are Ground, Chroma, Luma, Composite, and a 2nd Ground.

Installing an Audio Companion board:

Flip the board over with the cartridge slot still toward the back.

1. Locate the power and ground pads shown.
2. Line up the corresponding pads on the AC board and solder it in place standing upright (the power pads are on both sides of the board and are marked + and G).
3. Attach a wire from TIA pin 12 to the 1st input pad (directly above the + power pad).
4. Attach your audio out wire to the output pad (directly above the G power pad).
5. Attach audio ground to the ground trace near the AC board.

Carefully check your work against the pictures before powering the system. Route cables carefully out of the shielding during reassembly.

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