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New Cart Suggestion - Test Cartridge rev. [ X ]


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Suggest a new Test Cartridge with a new revision number. Maybe rev. 5. Maybe some other revision or name.

Updated to perform one or more of the following addition functions / tests:

• Notification to connect Controller or Termination Plug on Controller Port 2 during controller analog centering check.

• Notification to connect Controller on Controller Port 2 during button operation check.

• Full Memory Test.

• Method(s) to check and test bank switching operation.

• Definition table for Checksum version information for know checksums.

• Method to check and display Mine Storm version.

• Method to check and display CPU installed. Just for fun.

• CPU Stress Test.

• RAM Stress Test.

• Other bus connected component Stress Test.

• Light Pen test

• 3D Imager test

• Audio test to specifically demonstrate the Vectrex Buzz, and lack of it.

• VecVoice test

• VecVox test

• Vectrex Link Cable test(s) via Controller Port 2 (Two Vectrex required.)

• Spinner Controller test

• Trak-Ball Controller test

...other future accessory test.

And if you're brave enough. The HCF (Halt Catch Fire) instruction. :)

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