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Trying to find more information and photos about the line of telephones Atari was working on in the early 1980s. It's fascinating stuff, but Atari Museum has very little information. Does anyone know where the prototypes have gone (thinking the trash, but hoping otherwise)? Are there more, higher quality photos? Did the kiosk ever make it out of the Atari offices? Thanks all!



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According to this web article Mitsubishi ordered all their Atari prototypes and paperwork destroyed; implying Mitsubishi had some Atari prototypes. Not sure when the article was written. http://www.atarimuseum.com/ataritel/ataritel.html


Geezus. That's sad. Also sad that I missed that on the site.

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I worked for Atari and helped demo this in NYC, and possibly Bell Labs in NJ during 1982 I think, and close to 1983. I actually saw a fully functional product in an AT&T store in Syracuse in the early 1990’s - which caught me off guard! The AtariTel picture phone was developed by our engineers in the 42nd St. Lab, perhaps as WCI Labs...

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