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  • Keeping track of 16 High Scores for the 16 QUADRANT & LEVEL combinations (only for games staring at SECTOR 1)
  • Additional optimizations from Chris saved 172 bytes
  • Spy Ship changed to appear after a set number of formations have launched.
    * 3 formations for sectors 1 & 2
    * 2 formations for sectors 3 & 4
    * 1 formation for sectors 5 & 6
    * 0 formations for sectors 7+
  • Condition Red triggered if player is avoiding the stations.
    * 60 seconds kids
    * 45 seconds easy
    * 30 seconds normal
    * 15 seconds hard
  • Tweaked Spy Ship to hopefully prevent Red Alert from being triggered when it has more passes to make.
  • Earned an extra ship at 100,000, it should have been at 140,000.

To Do
  • Fine-Tune level progression, see spreadsheet rampup.ods.
  • beginning of next sector (not new game) and next ship - need a delay to show radar before the ship starts moving.
  • Need a longer pause after player's ship is destroyed - not needed for final ship as GAME OVER sequence handles that.
  • Nathan spotted a collision detection glitch, see details page 9 of Draconian Sound Effects PM. I've not been able to recreate
  • Remaining sound effects from ieposta
  • Alert! Alert! Seems to sound when a new threat is sighted - whether a ship or a space station. But it doesn't repeat for each one.

Currently at 577 bytes free in the ROM.


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


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