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Jaguar Pro Controller, World Tour Racing, BIWN, IS Beta, Sega Nomad,

Atari Smeghead

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Hi all,


Well, the time has come. Money is scarce, so I'm starting to part with some of my Atari Jaguar stuff, as well as a Sega Nomad.


The big one is the Jaguar Pro Controller, with the box. Also selling World Tour Racing, Black Ice White Noise Rev 23 (Signed as #15 by BJ West), Iron Soldier Beta, Do the Same, Barkley Shut Up and Jam, '95 Arena Football, even a spare Pinball Fantasies.


Here's the link to my eBay seller page here.


Probably next week I'll start putting up the Lynx collection, 8 bit items (including a couple of 1050 US Doubler drives) and Pong systems.








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