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Where do I find the black fabric/foam washers?


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I bought a 12x12 sheet of neoprene foam from mcmaster on a order I was doing for something else, cause a sheet of foam from mcmaster is like a gazillion dollars in shipping unless your ordering a bucket of screws or something to make up the cost


problem #2 I had with it was im sitting there with a set of punches trying to eyeball two concentric circles which never come out right but if you oversize the outside circle no one will notice


then for about the same price and hassle of that I started looking at ponoko to have them laser cut out of leather, and it would be cheaper if I could sell most of them


just spouting options from someone who has looked into it before


if your in the USA I will mail you a set of some off center ones I hammer out with a set of punches

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Hey! Sorry about the delay. Totally forgot to post.


They are nice. Do the job well. If I had just a little more time, I would have likely just gone to the store to buy some thick black felt or fabric and done the same thing, but then I would have had so much cloth left over. Happy with the results. For $4 it's totally worth the time savings.

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