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So I got Thunder Castle in the mail today. Tested it and it works fine. This proceeded to more work on the Secret Government Waffle Project for the Intellivision. It's going good. Right now it's at about 35k, and I think it will grow to even more than that. Tried it out on my LTO Flash! and it works great. I've been working on and off on it for the past few days, just putting new and more and more features into it. I don't know when the game will be finished, though.

I never dreamed I could make a game like this that's so complex and big. I'd like to thank all the people who've helped me so far, and Oscar who enabled me to even make the game with intybasic. Hopefully with more help and more work I can get this game completed so I can begin work on a new, other game.

It's been really hard though to select colors with only 16 to choose from, though. That is a limiting factor, and sort of odd that INTV was released later and yet has way fewer colors to work with than the Atari 2600. There is no brown! How can I make a guy have brown hair, or a game about poop, without brown?!

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