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Game Gear controller ports mod


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Hello I recently had my Game Gear modded with a new LCD screen from McWill and also VGA out. I have also seen where people have added 2 controller ports for either Genesis or Master System comtrollers. I was wondering if any one out there does this kind of mod? I'd like to get it done if at all possible. Thanks


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Indeed. It's not necessary to wire up the EXT port internally, since it functions as a Controller 2 port with a simple, cheap external adapter. But indeed, you could do that if you want. And the Controller 1 port is usually created by wiring a DB-9 connector to the relevant test points on the PCB. Since an SMS controller has no Start button and a Genesis controller multiplexes its inputs, a controller hack is also required, if the Start button is to be available.


Full details on how I went about adding a controller port and modding the controller are available here.

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