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  • Shrank the menu font from 8 rows to 7:
  • In order to make space for a new option:
  • Applied 72 bytes of optimizations from Chris
  • Revised Idle Time Condition Red, 15 seconds was too brief for Hard
    * 80 seconds Kids
    * 60 seconds Easy
    * 40 seconds Normal
    * 20 seconds Hard
  • While help from Chris, we freed up about 3 scanlines worth of 6507 time to give over to the ARM code
New continue feature isn't fully implemented. While it works, things like the Timers used for Formations, Spy Ships, etc. are not yet reset so they'll appear sooner than expected.

While play testing on Hard I ran into screen jitters on Alpha-3. The 3 scanlines worth of time from the 6507 code has helped, but the jitter still occurs on occasion so more work to be done for that.


Currently at 457 bytes free in the ROM.

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


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