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Intellivision screen vertical shaking


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Well, I finally picked up an Intellivision this week and it's working okay aside from the screen shaking up and down after a while. It's sort of a jittery vibrating shake - the movement range is about a half inch to an inch. It initially started doing it after a minute of play and after I removed the tv switch box and connected the system directly to the RF input, it only starts shaking after about 10 minutes of play. I then tried swapping cables and connector adapters but it didn't improve any further. This is on a CRT by the way.


If I turn off the system and immediately turn it back on, it still shakes. I have to wait a few minutes before I turn it back on again for it to go away. Also not sure if it's related but in some games, there is a lot of screen noise whenever there is a loud audio noise in a game (for example when you enter a mountain in AD&D). Any ideas? I'm guessing maybe a defective capacitor or power supply?

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