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you might have nostalgia for the old days...


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... but you might also have it for days that are not so old.


I'm pretty sure it was summer or fall 2001 and the first website I found when I decided that I wanted to become an Intellinerd was, obviously, intvfunhouse.com, the one that we all know well


The second one was The Intellivision Library, owned and with contents by Michael Hayes. I loved his reviews and the passion he put into it.


Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 1999, I guess, but it's still there after all these years!!!


I don't know how many people know this website and I wanted to spread the word. Take a look at it!

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Wish more websites were like these, especially The Intellivision Library. Nice and simple layout that doesn't choke the life out of your computer or feed your ADD. No annoying ads, Java crap, animated anything, silly sounds or background music. In other words, it's unpolluted. Complete opposite of what most of the internet is today. :mad:

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