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Robotron project controller


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Hey Ramrod. Love the NES Mod. I tried that long ago and failed pretty bad. My first ever use of a soldering iron... you happen to have a diagram handy :)

Thanks. The modded NES gamepad in my pic was the first one I ever did. I still have it. I sold a few, but I wasn't making enough to justify the time I put into them. I don't have a diagram, I just looked it up online somewhere. If I can recall where it was, I'll post a link.

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Seeing all the joysticks over and over, some charging $200 for a Robotron controller, makes me wonder sometimes if I should have mass produced my adapter for PlayStation controllers. Nothing beats playing Robotron with dual thumb sticks.

I built a Robotron setup, and I'd still buy your adapter. (Though I think a couple of real arcade sticks is the best way to play it, I like to play Robotron "rough")

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Nice Mod. With the work involved might be better to use a decent limit switch stick set so the base does not move around. The Wicos mentioned are a good leaf switch design, but do not have easy movement with solid tactical clicks. Imagine solid switch style sticks as in the original arcade panel; there are better 3rd party home controllers that could be modded.


Another console with similar idea, I performed a simple mod on my Blaze Twin Shock for the Playstation with toggle switches and jumper wires, player two stick tied to player one face buttons; the two sticks now function as movement and fire. This controller has the decent click stick without the cost of a commercial arcade set.


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