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Atari JagDuo PCB discovered!

Clint Thompson

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John Hardie has uncovered an unpopulated prototype board of the JagDuo that is dated 1996.


Really fascinating to learn that this can be confirmed as a design Atari actually worked on and not just a mockup shell of the console. Still amazes me the amount of things that still pop up after all these years!




Sad it never materialized... was such a futuristic and beautiful design.





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Yeah, I'm not sure. The only problem with populating it is I don't think any remaining stock exists of the Tom and Jerry chips. Everything is still readily available for the most part.


Hey, if there is a BOM and a way to FPGA/CPLD those chips (or just straight up replicate them), I say DO IT!

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Awesome stuff. Anyone know who owns the two duo prototype shells now?


I know he's not around anymore, but Buddybuddies mentioned several times that he wanted to/or was working out some things with the Jagduo?


@clint, do you still have the Jaguar 2 board?

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Wait what, when did Buddybuddies leave?


There is only so long you can be rabidly passionate about collecting something. I think I hit critical mass with my Jaguar collection after six years. Honestly surprised BuddyBuddies went as long as he did.

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