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Rln linker error message


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Currently working on a project that involves linking in the vbcc libraries along with some of the raptor ones.


All seems fine in the linking until it tries the output to .abs where it fails with "doesn't know how to handle symbol type error 0x51000000". This is repeated about 20 times.


I know I'm going to be doing something wrong but any clues as to where to look?


As an aside it wouldn't link in the DSP library of vbcc as unknown type and gave a header indication.


This is using the .34 release.

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One thing that springs to mind would be checking your output formats when generating the object files. rln mostly supports aout style objects and gnu ar archive libraries. It doesn't support elf object files (although I suppose it wouldn't be that huge a deal to add, it's just that nobody ever needed this) - maybe you have set up vbcc to output elf .o files?


Another thing would be to swap vbcc for the gcc used in rb+ - that outputs aout objects that are directly linkable with rln. As a proof just look at rb+ :).

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LOL @ the broken toys reference, best laugh I've had all day—especially considering the source and the broken things it champions. :D


This is odd, because I spent some time making sure that RLN could link against stuff created by VBCC. If you don't mind sending me the project, I could see if it's something I missed.

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