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Tank Mission Arrived!


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Playing the tank has me sometimes getting stuck,unable to move. It tends to happen when I'm at the bottom part of the screen. No matter what I do the tank just sits and takes damage until I die. Then when I resume with a new tank I'm fine,able to move again. Would this be a bug within the game? Its fun so far but abit chaos with all thats going on screen. I have to play more to get use to avoiding all the enemy fire I guess. Fun game so far but it does have a learning curve,glad there are a large number of lives to choose from in the difficulty setting.

I'm not using an F18 board,just a Yurkie Vision system is all.


(edit) ahh I see there there was an email sent about some of the games having problems.

Think I may have one then because last night I noticed another crazy thing happening - when playing the soldier section of the game I pressed a button on the keypad, I would suddenly zoom across the screen and onto the next one. I noticed the email sent makes mention of that. I dunno,I just make keep this cart,not sure yet,. I do like the cheat options,I'll just avoid pressing those buttons that allow this. Hope the bug with the tank getting stuck is a work around though. We'll see,will keep playing for now.

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Think I'm gonna have to contact you guys for a new cart. Bugs are really bad now. I'm at the point where I can't progress onto the next screen,all enemies dead,but cant move on. There are also times when the game allows me to cross the sea,but other times it simply won't so I can't get to the other side of a battlefield and am stuck. Its a head scratcher to be sure.

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A couple notes...


Sometimes the tank can get stuck. Try getting out of the tank and back in to see if that will fix it.


You can only cross the sea when you have the Green F (float). After getting the F there is a counter at the top letting you know how long you have the ability. Sometimes you have to take the long way around if you don't have the float. You can also get you of the tank and have your man swim over and collect a F that will allow the tank to float if you get stuck.

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Ok will try that. I do like the little things this game does like the ability to jump out of the tank and run for cover. Its hard to make out whats happening at times since I'm getting paranoid of those planes bombing my tank. lol. Thanks for the tips,will give this another go.


(Edit) Game is allot better with the tips you gave. Like using the float feature to get the tank across water. Not getting stuck with the tank anymore either. One thing I notice though is that if I push keypad 1 on the soldier section,I instantly clear the screen and go onto the next one. So yeah I do have one of the the carts with the cheat feature for wiping out enemies on screen. Its not a big deal,just have to remember to not use the 1 button on the keypad. Overall a fun game but it takes getting use to because its sometimes confusing to see all the powerups and enemies dring tank play. This is a seriously deep game,abit of a learning curve,very diverse in the Coleco library. Liking it allot right now.

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