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Pole Position "GRAND PRIX KIT"


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Hi, everybody. I hope everyone is doing well.


I'm writing because I'm interested in buying a copy of Pole Position for the 2600, and since I'm not familiar with the game's different variants, I went online to do a little research. I came across something called the "Grand Prix Kit". It's an insert for the game which consisted of two items. The "Grand Prix 1984 World Championship Wall Chart" is a fold-out poster with pictures of the different Formula 1 drivers from that time, along with pictures of the circuit's race tracks and some of the race cars. The kit also included what appears to be a sheet with images of the different drivers' cars. I went on eBay and Amazon in hopes of tracking down either the kit by itself or a CIB game with the kit but didn't have any luck. It seems like it might be a scarce item.


I did notice that, on both the poster and what appears to be a magazine ad from England (since the game price in the ad was in British Pounds), the box that was shown was the silver label with the while lettering, as opposed to the silver with the arcade lettering (with the triangles embedded in each letter). On eBay, there were several sealed copies of this variant with the white lettering; it had the multiple languages on the back of the box. I contacted one of the sellers who was nice enough to open one of them, but these items were not included. The only two 1983 variants I'm seeing online are these two that I've mentioned: the silver label with arcade lettering, and the silver label with white lettering and multiple languages.


And so I've come to you guys for some help. Has anyone out there ever seen these items, and do you remember which box variant included them? I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. Looking forward to your responses. Take care, everyone.

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Wow, Suzana, thank you so very much for the clarification. I really appreciate it, especially that you took the time to send the picture. That was very nice of you. This certainly clarifies my question. And I'm glad you mentioned that it's a rare item. It will definitely be very hard to come by. I'm sure this isn't the case, but If you're ever interested in selling it, please let me know. Thanks again for the help. Take care.

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