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Problem with Tooth Protectors on Harmony Cart


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I'm trying to play Tooth Protectors on my Harmony Cart using an Atari Jr., but there are problems. Everything on the screen has a ghost image and the screen flashes continually. Normally, a tooth flashes when it needs cleaned, but I can't see it because the whole screen is flashing all the time. The ROM that came with the Harmony did it, so I downloaded the ROM S.BAZ posted and it's doing the same thing.


Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it (if it can be fixed?)



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The rom I have works fine on all of my consoles. More than likely, it's the same rom you already have, so I don't know that I can be of much help. :(


Your post actually helped me. Based on your input, I eliminated the ROM as the problem.


It turns out the game won't play correctly on my plasma TV. My other Harmony games work fine. It's just this one.


I broke out the old tube TV and the game worked fine.


Go figure. . :? :ponder: :)

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