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I know I have (had?) a whole bunch of Game Boy games somewhere out in the garage or someplace, but I haven't been able to find them. These 85 Game Boy games I have I know right where they are. In my room in a bin. So I went out in the garage and searched around some more. Didn't find them, but I did find another case I can use in case I ever finish Frank the Fruit Fly and can get it on a cartridge.

I played Balloon Kid on the Game Boy today. I got to level 3 when I determined I couldn't go on any further and shut the game off. I had a hard time adjusting back to not playing it. I can't describe it, it's a really weird feeling I get sometimes when I play handheld devices and then switch to not doing it any more. Anyway, last night I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly. Nothing major. No new things, it was just tweaking the old things.

Specifically the screen with the four buttons you have to press in the right order. I made it so if you mess up you need to start guessing the right button order over again. It took a bit of time to perfect, but I did it. I must say I'd never thought I'd get this far in creating a Game Boy game. But my ultimate test will be learning how to bankswitch. I looked in all my old NP issues I have that have Game Boy games in them and decided 1 megabit was enough room for a pretty decent game. I hope.

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