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I spent most of yesterday working on a program that parsed out iesposta's audio data written for my usual audio driver to see if I could optimize the data further to free up space. The data usage shrunk from 706 bytes to 606 bytes, which sounds great, however the drivers to deal with the more complex data arrangement will use more space. So I decided not to pursue that any further at this time. I'll take another look once iesposta sends me the final samples to see if that makes a difference as they may compress better or worse than the data I already have.

While I was disappointed by those results, it pales in comparison to my disappointment this morning when I went to post the voting rules for the ∆ Quadrant Contest. There's only 1 entry, and it was posted using an old build of the game.

It's almost enough to make me want to cancel Draconian - I won't though because many others have been working on amazing things behind the scenes. It does make me wonder if I'll still be committed to future projects like rebooting Frantic & Timmy!, and the CDF Tutorial so others could create advanced 2600 games like Draconian.

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