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SpiceWare's Blog - startup revisited


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  • Revised ship startup sequence:
    1) show SECTOR # during new game tune OR 2 second delay
    2) show SCORE/RADAR/LIVES while saying "Blast Off!" (this gives the player a little time to get their orientation)
    3) when done speaking the ship starts to move
  • lowered the Ramp-Up speed of the I-Type and P-Type Missiles from 5/128 per sector to 3/128 per sector
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where enemy ships & missiles could already be onscreen (and stationary) when you first CONTINUE a game.
  • Fixed issue with shifting explosions near the right edge of screen wrapping around to left edge. Same would occur for bonus points. Did NOT fix the issue of mine explosions disappearing too early on the left edge.
My sprite routine uses masking to prevent 2X and 4X sprites from wrapping around to the other side of the screen. Turns out I needed to use it for 1X sprites as well due to the line-by-line shifting done on some of the explosions:


shooting a mine near the right edge of the screen


Explosion OK for now:


but wraps around to left side as the ship continues to fly to the left:


Masking in effect


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


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