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Do capacitors inside an N64 game cart leak?


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so there are capacitors inside every single N64 game cart right?


does that mean they will eventually leak and thus cause damage to the game cart?


or are these not capacitors at all, and something else entirely?





here's an example of capacitor leakage inside an NES game cart.




thanks for letting me know!

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Video the NES pic was taken from.



I had written some stuff to reply, but I closed tab.icon_sad.gif


Yes, they do go bad. But that nes looked like too much corrosion for one small cap - like something spilled into it.


All electrolytic caps go bad.

Non-use is worse. Most caps "pop" after the hardware is powered on after years of sitting.

Bad caps on a game cart is the bottom of "things bad caps destroy" list.

I doubt the inside of a game cart ever gets over 90deg ( depending on location).

I have 3 macs (that i know of) and tv/monitors that need the caps replaced - those REALLY ruin a main board.


Edit - your button cell battery will die long before that cap leaks.

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The caps used in game carts (SMS and Genesis as well, just about all carts post-crash) are for DC filtering and not subject to heat or high frequency so they probably won't fail like caps inside the console. If the cap leaked, something probably spilled into the cart or it was handled badly.

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