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Sources for O2 Games


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I recently picked-up a Magnavox Odyssey 2 and, I would like to get some specific games for it.


A few days ago, I pasted the following in the [Wanted] section, but I didn't get so much as one view...bummer.



Any suggestion for good sources to get CIB O2 games...other than eBay and Etsy?







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You could also just get the Packrat multi-cart which has all the original games from all regions plus a few older homebrews. There was a 6 month wait when I got mine last year so it might take awhile. Here is the link in case you are interested...


I saw the multicart on YouTube, and I may get one later.

But for starters...I'd like to get the cartridges (CIB) for a few of the games that interest me the most.

"...6 month wait...", I better not put it off too long!


Thanks for the suggestion,


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