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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Flatzone - Bubsy vs. Gex fight! (And Michael B


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So a week or so ago Flatzone contacted me about some Bubsy facts and if they could use some clips from my Fractured Furry Tales Speedrun videos. No problem on the speedrun videos was my answer, and as for the facts they were looking for the weight and height of Bubsy Bobcat.

I poured through the information I had and just like those at Flatzone I couldn't find the height and weight of Bubsy either, so I turned to the best source on Bubsy, the creator of the character, Michael Berlyn.

With that information, and other information that Flatzone was able to compile, the strengths and weaknesses of Gex and Bubsy were determined and animated into a AWESOME fight.

You have to check it out...

And it was a joy to see that Michael and I were credited at the end of this tribute to these two game characters:

Thoughts on this:
Loved it of course. Just some thoughts on Gex.

It is interesting to be how much people bag on Bubsy. One thing that this video, and the comments of this video helped me realize is that Bubsy is the Deadpool of the video game mascots...

It is true. Bubsy is obnoxious, full of himself, sometimes funny, sometimes not funny, but always looking into the screen, knocking on the screen, and finding ways to talk to break through the 4th wall. Maybe that is why I like this character so much. :D

So back to Gex. In all points Gex should be a more likeable character. At least a more powerful character or even "successful" character. This was played on as Gex look over the PixelChat show shortly after Bubsy was let go as the previous talk show host:


Ultimately, this video made me like Bubsy even more (is that even possible) and like Gex even less. And it was simply the stories for these characters in their game manuals. Bubsy is strangely more relatable while Gex is just slimey. Probably ok that Gex is slimey since he is a reptile after all. ;)

Great video guys and until next time,

Your Bubsy blogger since 2008,

Doctor Clu

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