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Atari jaguar AV cable audio out question (ICD cat box)


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Question: I have a jaguar AV to composite cable (3 RCA phono plugs - composite video and left/right audio). Is it safe to plug the audio left/right into my Denon stereo system? Just the yellow composite plug into the television. I ask because I am unsure if the load from the stereo is suitable enough and that the jaguar has enough 'drive'.

I am exploring jaguar sound output at the moment, development technical specifications and development coding examples and would like to try the output through a decent amplifier. The amplifier has an auxiliary input (phono sockets left/right).

Also would be better quality for CD player.

I know there was a cat box made by ICD and that had audio out. Did it comprise of some pre-amp circuitry?

I noticed that the jaguar s-video cable has phono left/right. Do you think the video would be better quality than composite. Anyway the television I am using has no s-video socket but I do have s-video on my 'other' television.

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Sorry do you mean the headphone port from the ICD cat box (unfortunately I don't own one) or the headphone port from the television? I did consider that but the sound would be processed 'through' the televisions sound circuitry and I don't think it is particularly good on the portable telly I am using. I was wondering if the phono ports were safe to use, really. Thanks for the idea, though. At least the jaguar is safe that way. I do have a 'portable in' 3.5mm input jack on the amplifier that is designed for MP3 players/ iPods. The level is quite low, though. I have used an iPad through it but I need the amplifier up a bit. Thank you for the reply.

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I'm a bit confused as you're asking about output from the catbox and then mention that you don't have one. Are you planning to get one? Otherwise I'd just stick w/using a composite cable and feeding either the audio outs into your TV or receiver. I always just feed audio directly into the TV as to me video game music isn't very critical. S-video will look a lot nicer though on your other TV.

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