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Digital "analog" controller idea


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Modern analog joysticks like those used in AVR and replacement part for PS and XBox systems are typically 10k and won't work as replacement for Atari 5200 without replacing the pots. As the thumsticks are small, it's hard to find a suitable 500k potentiometers that will fit and can work.


So what about using digital pots? Like https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/analog-devices-inc/AD5241BRZ1M/AD5241BRZ1M-ND/617299?? I didn't find 500k version but this is 1 megaohm, just use half of the range. It has 256 steps which would come to 128 steps when you use 0 to 500k range and that would translate to maybe 3 horizontal pixels on screen per step.


Analog thumstick (say an old PS2 or XBox controller or a custom DIY) wired to a microcontroller like AVR that reads analog value and control digital pot to have pseduo-analog output. Since digital pot uses I2C connection, you could stack total of 4 to control both analog sticks on one controller for certain games like Robotron.

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