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5200 Troubleshooting Display Issue


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So I picked up an Atari 5200 at auction. It seems to work intermittently. If I bump the console the tv screen will go to static (as if the Atari is powered off). However, the red power light remains illuminated. Bump the console again and it displays correctly. Sometimes a bump will cause an combination of static and the game screen. I disassembled the console down to the motherboard and the coax cable seems find. Moving it around doesn't affect the system. If I so much as gently tap on the motherboard the TV returns to noisy static. Tap it again and the picture returns and the game is right where I paused it. Definitely not an interruption in power. Any suggestions?

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That's a new one to me, but my first guess is there has got to be a cold solder joint somewhere causing this. Since moving the coax cable doesn't affect it, I would start with something on the RF modulator itself as the cause. So examine all the solder points and what components you can see from the RF modulator to see if anything looks loose.

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