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Faulty Atari Jaguar


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Hi, I've recently purchased my first ever atari jaguars. One tjat doesn't turn on and on that doesn't turn off?

I have an idea of what to look for when opening the one that doesn't power on but has anyone ever came across a Jaguar that turns on even without a game in it and it won't shut off? The power light just stays green when the power is plugged in.

Any help would be great, thanks :)

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The Jaguar should never be on without a cartridge in as the ground connection runs through the cartridge, sounds like someone has been inside and bridged that connection, probably on the cartridge connector to look for two pin side by side (B35 & B35) shorted together.


As for not turning off I would check two things...

First is the on/off switch which may either be stick in the on position or failed to connect in the on position and thus has been bypassed by the previous owner (permanently on) who just used the wall outlet switch or inserting/removing the power cord to effect on/off.


If the on/off switch is not the issue the second thing to check is the power regulators U38 (MC34163) and REG 1 (LM78L05ACM) and make they are outputting 5V because if the ground connection has been bypassed I would be concerned that whoever done it may have also bypassed the regulators and used a 5V power unit as part of their botch job to get it running. If they have done that it would be very bad if you have used the correct power unit as that would result in 9V going to Tom, Jerry, the 68000 and the audio circuits which they may not like.

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Okay, I had the board out earlier but never managed to spot anything that looked suspicious (e.g. no wires that shouldn't be there etc) but I'll have a closer inspection later on. I did notice that the DSP chip got quite hot rather quickly. The CPU and the third, smaller processor got a little warm too.

As I have the second atari jaguar I can swap out the power switch to at least see if I can get the system turning off without having to pull out the power cable but that'll be after I try to see what's keeping it on without a game in it to begin with Lol

Thanks for the info. I'll bring this atari jaguar back to life somehow XD

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