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So I got back to working on my Mouse in the House game for Odyssey 2. It took me several hours to put in an additional 0 for typing in the level number. But now, when you type 07 and then Enter, it takes you to puzzle #7. I went to sleep with an idea on how to program the tens digit.

I woke up about 12 hours later and with the idea forgotten, went back to work. Searching for how to multiply numbers on the Odyssey 2, I found that there is a snippet of code in the BIOS that can do it. So more work needed to be done to figure out how to use it. I made an extra variable, called "puzzlenumbertens". I needed to multiply this number times ten and then add that result to the ones's digit press. About an hour or so later, I completed it.

Or at least I think i did. I'm going to have to find out later because right now I only have 7 puzzles in the game. So if you play mouse17.bin and compare it to mouse18.bin, there are no differences, except in the code for mouse18.a48, where I am planning for the future. So if you type in 0 for the tens digit, it will multiply 0x10, which is 0, and add 0 to the ones digit. And to think, I hated math in school. Who knew it would come in handy later in life?

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