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Texas Instruments made two versions of their TMS2564 (which is an 8K EPROM). The more common version is a 28-pin package that is still difficult to find. The most difficult version is the 24-pin package. It was used in the TI DSDD FDC. It appears that all of the 4K EPROMs (i..e., TMS2532, 2732, etc.) have address lines numbered A0->A11. The 8K chips (2764) have address lines A0 ->A12. I am looking for the datasheet for the TMS2564 24-PIN package. I have been unable to find it on ;line. Can anyone help me out? I know it muxt exist somewhere in cyberspace!

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I have that one. The TMS4764 is a PROM not an EPROM. I need that data sheet for the 24-pin TMS2564. It looks like the AM27C49 might work but I need to see how it compares with the TMS2564.

No, I understand. I caught it was a rom and not eprom, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete replies (only edit).


You're welcome to my entire 1984 catalog attached, but I'm only seeing 28-pin versions in Chapter 6.



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I had a bunch of Motorola MCM2532Cs. I found that they were impossible to program with most modern USB-powered programmers. It seems that the problem is that they aren't very tolerant of undervoltage programming. They require an absolute 25V to work. The TMS2532, on the other hand is very tolerant of undervoltage programming and program consistently at 21V.

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