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Any 3D CAD expert here? Idea for consolized Lynx


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Panther was planned but quickly scrapped in favor of 64 bits Jaguar. But if someone can come up with 3D design for Panther, how about using that with McWill's mod (no LCD, just VGA out) and making it into console with external controller? P2 port would be a regular Comlynx port since Lynx didn't have built in 2 players control outside of Comlynx.

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Well the gap in the front could be a card port. Well, its mid way, but looks like it faces forward in the pic. As for size, just scale it up or down to fit. Op was referring to a lynx moded without the screen, so its orientation within a console shell isn't to important.

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There isn't other means of getting VGA out beside McWill's mod. McWill have sold the mod without LCD before.


The size shouldn't be an issue, just scale it a bit so it'd fit Lynx II (slightly smaller than 1) and adjust the cart slot so it'd line up and fit with Lynx card connector.

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