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SpartaDOS X v4.17


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how about 4.19 or 4.21?



or others



I'm not sure what "SpartaDosXv419.bin" is... its © 1993 ICD/Garfield v4.20


MD5 (SDX418.ROM) = 3aafd7bbbb13a2d8980c41edd06d133f

MD5 (SDX419.ROM) = e3baa6d7d7a43d3e3127f3618fd1cae6
MD5 (SDX420.ROM) = baf9cded718a19e04e2c45649a57c1b6
MD5 (SDX421.ROM) = 9c05b73626f289cc3084bf9f457853a9
MD5 (SDX422.ROM) = 7470286fc278b14f3d0d45ea7cfb439f
MD5 (SDX42A.ROM) = 4d4072772dd4ab61839865f4685946f2
MD5 (SpartaDosXv419-420-Garfield.bin) = 29f79c5c2256593fd7cb7c8d68e0a36d
I'm not sure what 4.2A is either...
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I noticed this v4.2a also takes longer to start up.


It looks like it's waiting longer to detect attached drives/disks.


In Altirra, without any drives/disks attached:

v4.20 takes less than 10 seconds to start up.

v4.2a takes a full 15 seconds to start up.

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It looks like it's waiting longer to detect attached drives/disks.

SpartaDOS X does not detect attached drives/disks at startup.


The difference is probably in the INDUS.SYS driver which is trying to engage Synchromesh mode in the attached floppies. A timeout value or something like that.

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According to Atarimania, 1988: SpartaDOS X v4.17 (same year as v4.18).

I wonder if FTE got that version when they purchased the rights to all of what ICD owned? Although I think that happened in the early 90's so perhaps not. If by some freak chance Mike Hohman is listening in, maybe he can do an anonymous upload to Atarimania or some other suitable archival location. Hey you never know.


- Michael

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