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Atari and Apple stuff for swap


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Apple IIe:
-Platinum IIe in great shape
-Applied engineering Transwarp IIe (1,1.7, or 3.6mhz accelerator)
-Applied engineering RamWorks IIe (Fully populated w/ 1MB RAM)
-Apple Mouse card
-2x5.25" apple disk interface cards
-Other stuff: Apple Serial Mouse (busted case), spare keyboard, spare motherboard, 2xlanguage cards, Echo II speech card, 2xApple 5.25" floppies.

Atari 1040STe:
-4mb RAM
-'4160' case badge (Old stock)
-Gotek usb floppy emulator
-Original floppy drive (Working)
-Atari mouse
-Atari 11224 color monitor (Both case and monitor are in great shape. Monitor is a Refurb from Best Electronics Co.)
-Other stuff: Extra working Atari mouse, floppy drive with external cable, usb with some games/software on it.

I also have a couple of Dayna Etherprints (Apple mini-DIN serial to ethernet interface. These are nifty for getting old macs online.

What do I want?

-Amiga 1000 (or even 1000 keyboard)
-Big-box Amiga
-Transwarp IIgs Accelerator
-Vampire 2 500+ (newest to try in my 1000)
-Cool Commodore stuff

Keep in mind this stuff is in great shape (except the apple mouse I mentioned), I'm not interested in crap. ;)

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"Cool Commodore Stuff" (Defined)


Anything with the Chicken on it. :)


Some things I could use:

-1541 drive

-1011 drive (Or any amiga drive including internals for A2000)

-A1200 keyboard and case

-Zorro ethernet card


-C64 carts

-Wico joysticks

-A1000 (and/or RAM expansions, upgrades...)

-1084, 1950, 1960, 1942, 2002 monitor(s)


If you have something, hit me up. I may have other Apple II stuff I may trade outside of the IIe.

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