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Atari 130XE case and keyboard colour


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Does anybody know what RAL colour is case and keys on keyboard of Atari 130XE?


I realise that after years the colour changes due to yellowing. But it would be good to know exact colour used so one would know how far to retrobright.



And also, if making your own additional devices, to paint them in the "original" colour (e.g. dedicated LCD screen for my 130xe).




I had no luck with Google.


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RAL is a European......in fact German color coding system and since the Atari is a US product i don't think Atari ever defined a RAL color. There might be a US color code though...


Apart from that RAL is a very course system with a margin of 10%.....so even with the code you'll never know what you get.


Yout best het would be to go to a good paint shop with the case and show the INSIDE...toen a GOOD Guy with enough knowledge van match the paint. I have done so for the arcade machines I used to have and i knew exacttly the right guy at the right shop......he never missed....


And even so.....I have 600XL's that look like they still have the exact color of BITD (quite light) and 800XL which are discolored....but....the machines were made in Taiwan and Hong Kong....there were probably already differences when they were new....


XE's were also made in at least two countries....

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I have 520, 1020, 65xe and two 130ex and they are all pretty close in colour. Only the keys are some more some less yellowed. I thought there is some sort of colour standard.


Thanks, Your idea with paint shop is great. I will do that.

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